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Get to know LUNA 4 plus
Cleanse your skin and target signs of aging. At the same time.
Our new LUNA™ 4 plus combines personalized heated cleansing with clinical-grade anti-aging treatments — LED light therapy and microcurrent. Plus, it’s 17% softer than its predecessor!
Luna 4 plus next to a SERUM SÉRUM SERUM
Heated cleanse, tailored to your skin
Pamper your skin with near-infrared LED light heated cleanse that’s clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Personalize the experience with three different cleansing modes — Regular, Gentle, or Deep — to give your skin exactly what it needs.
LUNA 4 plus
LUNA 4 plus
Brighter, firmer skin in minutes
Restore your skin’s elasticity and plumpness in minutes thanks to LED light therapy and targeted microcurrent treatment. This powerful combo helps to reverse signs of skin aging and increases collagen and elastin production.

And for spa-like relaxation, choose between 5 different massage patterns — from de-puffing Lymphatic Drainage Massage to energizing Shiatsu Massage!
What’s the difference between NIR LED light and red LED light?
LUNA™ 4 plus features both red and NIR (near-infrared) light. Red light waves penetrate the superficial layers of the skin, and the longer wavelength NIR light targets deeper tissues. They have been shown to encourage healing, reduce inflammation, and increase the production of collagen.
P.S. Now you can get free shipping with your LUNA™ 4 plus when you apply the code FREESHIP at checkout!

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