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The party is heating up — you coming?
Can you believe it? We're turning 11, and it's all thanks to you! Our birthday party is in full swing and you know what that means — the deals just keep getting sweeter. Discover our top picks at 30% off + 11% extra! 💕
Skincare for your best AM + PM routines
Morning routine

Start your day with LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0, a refreshing water-based cleanser. Then, brighten and depuff your under-eye area with IRIS™ Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask. 

As a final step, lock in moisture with fast-absorbing SUPERCHARGED™ HA+PGA Triple-Action Intense Moisturizer for a plump, youthful glow all day long. Optionally, keep SUPERCHARGED™ Barrier Restoring Essence Mist in your bag for a quick refresh while on the go.
LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0
IRIS™ Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask
SUPERCHARGED™ Barrier Restoring Essence Mist and SUPERCHARGED™ HA+PGA Triple-Action Intense Moisturizer
Nighttime routine

Start your evening routine with a proper double cleanse - first melt away makeup and SPF with LUNA™ Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Balm, and then use LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0 to remove dirt and oil from deep within pores. 

Next, apply IRIS™ Firming PM Eye Serum to firm and hydrate the delicate eye area for a refreshed look by morning. Finally, apply SUPERCHARGED™ Ultra-Hydrating Sleeping Mask to calm your skin and lock in moisture as you dream.
LUNA™ Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Balm and LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0
IRIS™ Firming PM Eye Serum
SUPERCHARGED™ Ultra-Hydrating Sleeping Mask
All these products can be seamlessly integrated into your routines, whether used with our devices or on their own. ✨
Must-have devices

This must-have device is clinically proven to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil from your skin. Made of velvety soft silicone that is bacteria-resistant, and 35x more hygienic than nylon brushes, LUNA™ 4 is the most gentle and hygienic facial cleansing device ever made.

Use it with LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser for the best results.
KIWI™ derma

This recently launched triple-tech solution uses microdermabrasion to gently remove the dull, damaged top layer of skin to reveal the fresh and radiant layer below, perfectly calibrated suction that ‘vacuums’ over-congested pores, and T-Sonic™ massage that helps fade pigmentation & reduce puffiness. 

Prep skin with KIWI™ Active Pore & Blackhead Mask for faster skin-purifying results.
LUN 4, PEACH 2, KIWI derma

Ditch the razor, messy waxing, and painful plucking - and experience the ultimate hair removal solution with PEACH™ 2. Unrivalled power, extra large treatment window, ultra-fast flash, skin cooling system, self-adjusting head, and full body treatments in just 10 minutes. 

And even more comfortable hair removal experience if you use it with PEACH™ Cooling Prep Gel.
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