FOREO: Meet the ultimate acne-fighting power couple. 🤜🤛

Say goodbye to acne and hello to spotlessly clear skin. 👋
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Meet the ultimate acne-fighting power couple for spotlessly clear skin.
If you're struggling with acne, we feel your pain. Breakouts can take a toll on your confidence and your mood. But we won’t let that happen!

Our NEW ‘Goodbye Acne Kit’ bundle contains everything you need to take control of your skin.

ESPADA™ & ESPADA BHA+PHA Blemish Solution work together to decrease breakouts on the surface of your skin, kill acne-causing bacteria deep in the skin, improve healing of acne-prone skin, and prevent future breakouts. 
With regular use, you'll see a dramatic improvement in your skin's appearance. And they won’t dry out, irritate or damage your skin.

The best part? You can now save 18% and show off your beautiful, clear complexion with confidence!
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