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Skin concerns suck. So suck back! 😉
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The Swedish art of sucking
Meet our new microdermabrasion & pore vacuum devices! Be the first to try them!
Did you know our faces are home to around 20,000 pores? Think of them as deep pockets that collect all the dirt, sebum, and other impurities that sit on our skin over the day, causing that uneven texture and tone we often struggle with. Luckily, we have the solution!
Meet KIWI™
Blackheads suck. So suck back!

Sick of ineffective nose strips & pimple popping tools that fail to extract deep-rooted blackheads? Get to know KIWI™ and let it do the dirty work for you!

KIWI™ is the most efficient way to remove blackheads and other facial impurities from the skin. With its vacuum suction and blue LED technology, KIWI™ eliminates all acne-causing bacteria that get stuck in your pores and leaves you with a visibly clearer complexion. ✨
KIWI™ derma
Tormented by uneven skin texture, wrinkles, and age spots? Meet our new diamond microdermabrasion pore vacuum that works like a triple-tech solution to solve all your aging skin concerns!
KIWI™ derma
The fastest way to smooth damaged skin

KIWI™ derma has 3 Adamas diamond microdermabrasion tips that exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage healthy skin renewal - to reverse flaws like scarring, pigmentation, and signs of aging! Perfectly calibrated suction ‘vacuums’ over-congested pores, leaving them perfectly purged & minimized, while T-Sonic™ massage helps fade pigmentation & reduce puffiness.

For a complexion that looks fresh, refined, and younger. ✨
Pre-order the KIWI™ collection
Don’t wait any longer - be the first to start using our new microdermabrasion & pore vacuum devices before their official launch date, October 2nd! 😍

Pre-order KIWI™ or KIWI™ derma now & enjoy your early bird gift - free Micro-foam Cleanser 100ml. ✨
KIWI™ derma and KIWI™
Micro-Foam Cleanser
This special pre-order treat is here to help you achieve that perfect cleansing routine and flawless complexion you have been dreaming about. Don’t miss out on getting it first!
*Please note that the free Micro-foam Cleanser 100ml will appear at checkout. Be sure to select it before completing your purchase to receive your free gift.
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