FOREO: 🍑 The world’s first base for homemade face masks! 🥑 ✨ How did we do it? ✨

πŸ’ Just use your Imagination 🍌
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We cooked up something brand new in the whole skincare world…
Get to know the world’s first base for homemade face masks!
Unlock the power of your Imagination and make the most out of the fresh, natural ingredients in your kitchen! How? It’s more than magic, it’s science:
  • Happy skin from within

Active vitamins & minerals penetrate deep into the
dermis and feed your skin from within thanks to FOREO’s Triple Infusion Complex.

  • Healthy & Hydrating
Enjoy instantly plump skin and reduce fine lines & wrinkles with this ultra-hydrating formula!
  • Smooth & Soothing
Immerse your skin in this calming, creamy texture that’s designed to bind ingredients so they work together in harmony.
  • Natural & Nourishing
Your largest organ deserves all the natural, deeply nourishing love it gets!

And all you have to do are 3 simple steps:

Imagine, Mix & Apply!
In about 15-20 minutes your relaxing, nourishing ritual is done! Rinse your mask off with warm water and enjoy your glowy, happy & healthy skin!

Pro tip: Did you know you can use your mask “naked”? Yep! FOREO Imagination™ is filled with vegan, cruelty-free, gentle, hydrating, and rich ingredients that do wonders for your skin all on their own!

Where will your Imagination take you?

FOREO Sweden is connecting beauty, nature, and technology. We make self-care simple, easy, and enjoyable with effective, FDA-cleared products.

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