Happy Socks: New Collection: Solid Colour Socks!

Socks in a single colour! Step into style and comfort with our new line of socks. Best believe it, our new Solids collection introduces something revolutionary.
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SS24 Solids
Solids are here
A single pop of colour is sometimes all you need. That's why we've created the Solids collection, a series of socks in just one colour each. Use these socks to break up the monotony of an otherwise monochrome outfit, or lean in and go full one colour mode. The solids collection is available as our standard crew socks, as well as sneaker socks and a low sock version, for that super subtle splash of colour. For added simplicity, we've also bundled up the Solids socks in a couple of different packages. You can either get several different colours, or if you're more of the muted type, we've got an all black bundle. So what are you waiting for, let's dress up real nice.
Solid Sock
This sock is white. 'Nuff said. The white solids sock is possibly the easiest sock to use ever. You can pair it with literally any outfit. Available as stand alone or in our 3 and 5-pack Solids Bundles. All of our Solids socks are made from soft and breathable combed cotton and with reinforced toe and heel, ensuring the renowned Happy Socks quality.
Solid Sneaker Sock
Solid Sneaker Sock
Solid Sneaker Sock
Solid Sneaker Sock
5-Pack Solid Socks
3-Pack Solid Socks
SS24 Solids
SS24 Solids
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