KALI SHOES: 🎁 Gift List for you

Hello ,
today, in view of this beginning of September, we decided to give you a Special Gift.

We have researched and chosen for you the best 4 ways to dress in full Texan style, with our Boots and Ankle Boots, this season.

Here is your complete personalized list:

★ Leila Boots
Available in as many as 14 different colors and 8 sizes. The ultimate Made In Italy Texan Ankle Boot.

★ Taupe Boots
Handcrafted long boot made of genuine suede leather and wooden heel.

★ Rea Texan Boots
We especially recommend black, available together with 5 other unique colors.

Jenna Lux
By far the Texan Boot model with the most personality among those created so far.

★ Click here to look at them all 



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