Fresh Farm: Adopt a used board! 😎 Save some cash.

Have a look at our second-hand selection, hot boards at 5km from you.
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Adopt a used board! 

We come at you, young rider without a penny, you, old geezer as stingy as a weasel, you, collector of cool graphics, and you, who spend your days on the market place and cross your fingers hoping not to catch a single one.

Saves some cash, saves a board from Mike's clutches.

Our not-yet-selected second-hand is at the back of the store in a dimly-lit crevice where the cameras don't frame, when Mike walks by we hear cries of terror and devilish giggles that only God knows what's going on back there.

We considered an FdO intervention, or a TSO, unfortunately Mike is the only one who knows how to make redstone circuits on the shop's Minecraft server so our hands are tied.

Since the hovel of pleasure is not good for the mental stability of the boards, we decided to find it a new home, maybe even yours!
Take a look!
03 | 04 Agosto @Levico e Caldonazzo

In this reunion we will venture to the shores of the Lévico and Caldonazzo lakes by 🚲e-Bike: a super-quiet hike, suitable for everyone, with breathtaking views.

We will spend the evening grilling around the bonfire, singing the latest Renato Zero songs.

Night at altitude in the mountain hut (few places) or in the outdoor tent spaces (bring your own!)

Need to make up for it? 50€ voucher.

Need to make up for the unforgivable? 500€ voucher, easier than that.

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