Fresh Farm: The solution to all the ills of cold and heat😱Thermal clothing and its secrets revealed 👌

Control your second skin and optimise your layers for the best performance in all weather conditions 🏔️

In the relentless fight against cold and sweat Fresh Farm takes part without delay.

Thermal clothing that keeps you dry and warm can be found here, and where else? Take a look at the best brands and products to suit your pocket without giving up the comfort of the new millennium.

Heavy old wool vests and health shirts are stuff we could accept before we discovered the 1mb connection.

The future is now old man. Discover the lightness and efficiency of the new thermal garments, find the ideal solution for your outings on any occasion. 

Whether you're a mouflon that sweating after 5 metres or an Olaf made of ice and discontent, there are ideal solutions for every skin.

Optimise and adopt the layer philosophy:

A light thermal layer and technical sweatshirt under a 'shell' jacket are ideal, you can always add or remove layers depending on the day.

A heavy thermal layer goes well with a padded jacket, with the sweatshirt in the car or in the rucksack in case a blizzard arrives unexpectedly.

A merino wool thermal layer is the best thing you can give your skin. Light and warm, it breathes divinely and prevents a sauna effect.

Need to make up for it? 50€ voucher. Need to make up for the unforgivable? 500€ voucher, easier than that.


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